Refreshments at Special Olympics State Tournament

Kansas_Special_Olympics_LogoThe Special Olympics State Soccer and Bocce Tournament was held at Lone Elm Park on Sunday September 30th.  The Olathe Parks Department painted the Special Olympics logo on the grass which made the fields look very official.  Approximately twelve teams participated.  During downtime between games, players could visit a FUNFitness tent which provided fitness screenings for athlete flexibility, functional strength, balance, and aerobic condition.  We were lucky to have beautiful weather for the event.


Olathe Sunrise Kiwanis Club set-up our trailer and served refreshments.  Our menu consisted of breakfast burritos, donuts, hotdogs, nachos, and candy.  Our drink selection included Starbucks coffee, hot chocolate, bottled water, Gatorade, lemonade, and assorted soft drinks.  We were the only supplier of breakfast items.  American Legion furnished lunch for the soccer and bocce players, but their fans would have had to brown bag it or go hungry without us.  We ran out of bottled water very early in the day and made a grocery run to restock.  By noon, we had sold out of everything except candy and a few varieties of drinks which were flying off the shelf.  Last year we started with the same inventory and gave items away at 3 pm because they had not sold.  The increased demand really surprised us.

Thank you to the volunteers and donors who made this a special day for the soccer and bocce players and their fans.  Specifically thank you Olathe Parks Department for preparing the fields and for loaning us an electric generator to power our microwave and slow cooker.  Thank you Starbucks at 151st and Black Bob for donating coffee and hot water.  If you happen to stop by that Starbucks location, please thank the store manager, and let them know how much we appreciate their support.

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