29th Anniversary

29th_anniversary_coffee_cakeOn April 19th, Olathe Sunrise Kiwanis Club celebrated our 29th anniversary with coffee cake, a founding member, a new member, and lots of happy dollars.  Olathe Sunrise was recognized as a Distinguished Club for the 2011 – 2012 Kiwanis year under Vicki Reed’s leadership.  Larry Lisbona received the Legion of Honor Certificate in appreciation of his many years of service.

When asked about the club’s early years, Bob Patterson, a charter member, described our initial partnership with Children’s Miracle Network.  Kiwanians called past contributors prior to the telethon requesting their continued support.  These early donations gave the televised telethon a rolling start.  When the cameras panned out, members appeared on television increasing our club’s visibility.  For many years, Olathe Sunrise organized a spaghetti or barbeque dinner fundraiser during Olathe School for the Deaf’s Homecoming Weekend.  Of course, a trip down memory lane would be incomplete without the famous or possibly infamous circus project.  From digging post holes in hard clay and 100 degree temperatures to disposing of smelly, heavy elephant waste to dealing with hard rains flooding the area and threating to submerge extension cords, club members did whatever it took to make it a fun, safe, organized family event.  Whenever we encounter obstacles with current projects, circus project participants remind those of us who joined later that if we can set-up a circus, we can do anything.  I am continually amazed by how quickly our club overcomes challenges.

If you were not there, you missed more than Margie’s delicious coffee cake (which I would love to snag the recipe for).  Here’s to another 29 years of service, friendship, and fun.

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